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QUESTION: Anthony Gormley's Cast Iron Statue Overlooks The A1 Near Gateshead What Is It Called? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: The Angel Of The North ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: Whose Short Story 'The Birds' Was Adapted And Made Into A Hitchcock Thriller? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Daphne Du Maurier ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: Which TV show had a robot called Twiki? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Buck Rogers ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: What is the sixth commandment of the Bible? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Thou Shalt Not Kill ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: Where Can you see Lenny Bruce, Edgar Allen Poe, Karl Marx, and HG Wells all in the same place at the same time? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Sergeant Peppers ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: Which Of These Bands Was Vince Clark Not A Member Of A) Assembly, B) Erasure, C) Blancmange? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: C) Blancmange ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: In 1922, which composer scored Mussorgsky's piano piece Pictures at an Exhibition for full orchestra? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Ravel ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: KLM is the national airline of which country? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Holland ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: Perry Como, the singer once worked in what profession? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: A Barber ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: What Type Of Fuel Is Usually Used In Jet Aircraft Engines? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Paraffin ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: Which seaside resort has lanes and a nudist beach? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Brighton ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: Pete Burns From Dead Or Alive Was Spun Around Like A What? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Record ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: Whose girlfriend was Virginia Hill? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: The mobster Bugsy Siegel ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: What is the SI unit for frequency? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Hertz ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: the dangerous goodwin sands lie off the coast of which english county? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Kent ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: Cheryl, Mike, Bobby & Jay Are Collectively Known As Which Successful 80's Band? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Bucks Fizz ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: By what name is Schubert`s Symphony No. 8 better known? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Unfinished Symphony ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: Other Than The Epee & Foil What Other Weapon Is Used In Fencing? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: The Sabre ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: What did the country Ceylon change its name to in 1972? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: Sri Lanka ↔◊↔◊↔ QUESTION: Mount Godwin-Austen is better known by which name? ↔◊↔◊↔ ANSWER: K2 (second-highest mountain on Earth) ↔◊↔◊↔

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Fortunately, with my profession being in the IT field, I have sometimes been privileged with the opportunity of creating computer trivia products both on and off the Net. Naturally, as I am sure you suspected, this hobby of mine has also resulted in the creation of this site.

So, what exactly is this site about you ask? Well even though there are various resources on this site of interest to all trivia buffs, its primary purpose is to provide a space for those that want to create trivia quizzes on the fly. Simply input your requirements, click a button and voila, you have a quiz that you can print off with your printer. Just rinse and repeat as necessary and you will have a different quiz with each click.

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